Released Date: Feb 2022

Feel free to donwload the audio files to enjoy better quality. This album is not for sale anymore, i made it as a DEMO for getting GiGs.

Adagio in E-moll – II. Satz – Christian Bach


Evening Song – Jan Kazda


Invierno Porteño – A.Piazzolla (Tango Manzana)


Keep it Calm – Electric Colors & NaJaCa Soul


Prayer for a Jewisch Life – Ernst Bloch


Reverie – Giovanni Bottesinni


That Jail – Nicolás Ascone


When MM talks to Stanley – Jan Kazda


Sonate in G-moll – I Satz – Henry Eccles


Sonate in G-moll – III Satz – Henry Eccles



Double/E-Bass & Piano

Nicolás Ascone Michelis



Nicolas Lukkaer


Tango Manzana

Geige – Gisela Schmees
Akkordeon – Jakob Neubauer
Gitarre – Michael Schröder
Klavier – Yonathan Ghebretensae
Kontrabass – Nicolás Ascone Michelis


Electric Colors

Vocals – NaJaCa Soul
Gitarre – Sven Wussow
Drums – Henning Staerk
Bass – Nicolás Ascone Michelis




a very special THANK YOU to the musicians that worked in the recordings!